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The Renegade Spy Project

Wren knows she's super smart and a good friend. Why does she keep messing up everything? Can she figure out a way to use her uniqueness to help, or will it tear apart the only place she truly belongs?

Renegade Style

Amber is tired of being underestimated. Why don't people understand she's perfectly capable of being fashion and smart at the same time? But when she discovers fashion's dirty secret, does she want to stand out, or stand up for what's right?

The Renegade Success Plan

People may call her "bossy" but Ivy Rose is a born leader with her whole life as an electrical engineer planned out. When she gets a chance to meet her role model and idol, how much is she willing to sacrifice to make a good impression?

“This book arrived a few days ago and since then my science project obsessed kid has been reading it every spare minute! She's asking me to pre-order the next book in this series. Great book for encouraging STEM.”

4 star Amazon Review

“You had me at 'The Babysitter's Club' meets 'MacGyver'.”

4 star Amazon Review


Terri Selting David

Terri’s career spanned more than a decade in 3D character animation for video games, films, television shows, and even a comic book (but mostly video games) encompassed character animation, art direction, writing, and story development. Then she had children, which tends to change one’s view of what’s truly important in life. She retired from the crazy world of video game development and, in 2015, co-founded the Renegade Girls Tinkering Club. Since then, she’s created dozens of curricula and hundreds of individual projects aimed at girls and other under represented groups by planting the seeds for a solid foundation in STEM. She turned her storytelling talents to fiction and continues to write books for smart readers who love great characters and engaging plots.

She lives in San Francisco with 2 rowdy children and a fabulous, brilliant husband who brings her tea every night.